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Ginger Von-Fraulein CGC
Ginger 8yrs Old
Ginger 7yrs Old
I have more pictures of Ginger and will post them in the future.  
2002 - 2011
Ginger was a great bitch.  She was Queen of the dogs, she was big and she knew it.   She was a wonderful pet and family member, we have
many memories of the kids showing her and she taught us a lot about breeding, socializing and showing dogs.  She was shown by our children
when they were younger in 4H and then with us as we started showing our showing in the UKC venue as Ginger was AKC and UKC registered
like most of our dogs are.  The kids had fun dressing her up, even as a young pup.  They entered costume classes and had so much fun with her
at the Randolph, Portage County Fair.  Ginger was a large Rottweiler, with an excellent temperament, beautiful bodied and large bone for a
female.   Ginger was laid to rest at our home in my husbands arms, where she took her last breath peacefully.   We had to put Ginger to sleep
when she was 9 1/2 years old.  She liked to play with the horses and sometimes the horses didn't like that so much, so they would kick at
Ginger.   Well, one day, Ginger was kicked pretty good and shortly afterwards Ginger started showing signs of extreme pain in her spine as she
all of a sudden could not move.   It was a very difficult day for us, knowing she was older, but yet had so much life in her left.    We miss you
Ginger, Rest in Peace